Culture Visuals from StoneBwoy’s African Party Video


Stone Boy released his latest video for the song ‘African Party’. You and and I know, there is no party like an Africa party.

This is just what the video depicted. Flashy aunties in their colourful Kaba outfits. Not forgeting the elaborate headgear and gele. That African uncle too was present. The type that looked like he has lived in London for 40 years and arrived to continent not long ago. There was a lot of dancing too as the music is good. The song itself African party is catchy. There was not just only the aunties ooo, the girl dems too. Pretty pretty girls. What would we do without beautiful African women?

There was plenty jollof too. You cannot not serve jollof oo. Issa must. The video in general I would say was inspired by old school themes. Old school is in now so we no bore. The video is quality, with bright colours and topic matter properly conveyed.

Watch for yourself and decide!



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