A possible Female running mate for John Mahama

Charlotte Osei

The brilliant Charlotte Osei, who was to be the former chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, was at the Joy Fm studios on Women’s day to speak on some issues concerning women. One of her comments was that Ghana is ready for a female president. She said that “after watching the men, I think Ghana needs a female president.

We are in agreement with Mrs Osei however the steps in making this a reality can start with former president John Mahama. In his bid to stand for re-election as President of the Republic of Ghana, rumor has it that he is urgently searching for a running mate. Mr. Mahama should consider choosing a female as a vice. If that happens, it will change so many things in our political landscape. We also believe that, it will increase his chances of winning the 2020 elections. More voters will register to go and vote especially women. That will be the smart thing for him to do but I doubt he will listen to our advice. 🙂

There are so many smart, intelligent and assertive women in the NDC party he can choose from. At this point, we can only hope. You and I will just have to wait and see who he announces as a running mate. Whatever he chooses to do, you can be promised that 2020 our elections will be everything you can think of. ( More than Exciting )



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