Wiyaala was promoting made in Ghana rice but a feminist thought is as dichotomy.

Wiyaala Songstress

On women’s day this year, Noella Wiyaala (known under the stage name Wiyaala) Afro-pop singer-songwriter made a post on her instagram account. The post was celebrating international women’s day as well as promoting made in Ghana local rise by Royal Farms Ghana. The picture showed Wiyaala pouring the dry grains into a bowl. She had an apron on with a big smile on her face ( as usual).

A user on instagram Marie Chantal Messier, didnot see the picture as it is. Marie Chantel is a corporate communication professional and works with Nestle in Africa came under the post and said she did not approve of the picture showing Wiyaala cooking. She stated her disappointment with the picture. She believed the picture was not appropriate for celebrating Women’s Day. Wiyaala came in with her own explanation that she was simply promoting #madeinghana food and also especially highlighting the farmers who grow our food. The songstress being from the Northern part of Ghana, where majority of the people are farmers (both men and women) and she was only promoting the work of the farmers. Her reply further explained that at the end of the day, everybody gets money when we buy local rice.

We are definitely in support of Wiyaala. She is a smart and brilliant woman that would not deliberately undermine women of Ghana through the type of gigs she gets paid for. We believe cooking does not undermine a woman’s value. She was not cooking the rice in the photo. Everybody must know how to cook whether male or female. A few Ghanaians also went under the post and gave the woman a piece of their mind. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Read the post and get the gist from the scenario.

The comment from Marie
Wiyaala’s response #strongwomam



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