Highlights from President Akuffo Addo’s 3rd address on covid-19 to Ghanaians

Rise Ghana

The president of Ghana addressed Ghanaians for the 3rd time today March 21st on Coronavirus outbreak. A summary from his speech below

19 cases of covid-19 confirmed so far. One person who tested positive had serious underlying health concerns and has died.

8 infected persons doing well under self quarantine.

All borders to be closed by midnight tomorrow. Land, Sea and Air borders closing to human beings from midnight Sunday. Any one who comes will be quarantined for 14days.

50,000 additional test kits to be provided. MoH will see to it that contact traced persons are tested for the virus

Ministry of health to ensure that person identified through contacts tracing undergo mandatory testing.

New and retired medical staff will be added to argument health workers.

Wednesday 25th March declared National Day of Prayer and Fasting. He encourages Ghanaians to seek the face of God

Appealed to Ghanaians to maintain strict self discipline and enhanced social distancing protocols. Avoid unnecessary close body contact. Our survival is in our own hands



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