Include stigmatisation in national Covid-19 communication plan – Psychologist

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A Social Psychologist at the University of Ghana is calling on government to include specific direction on stigmatization in the national communication plan of COVID 19.

Speaking on News Desk on JoyNews, Dr Wiafe-Akenten Brenya said that is key to let the public understand that people infected with coronavirus did not bring it upon themselves.

The Social Psychologist’s suggestion comes on the back of recent stories about persons related to Covid-19 patients being stigmatized by people in their communities.

He explained that this “is not a disease you have brought upon yourself because you engaged in certain behavior that society perceives as negative, illegal or unacceptable. “

According to him, people need to be to be made to understand that Covid-19 is a virus “no one has control over” and one can accidentally acquire one through no fault of theirs.

“Every other person is at risk, so while you are pointing your finger at someone, taunting that person, running away from that person, what if you get it, would you be happy if people do that to you?” he said.

He however encouraged Ghanaians to adhere to the sanitary directions laid out by the Ministry of Health i.e., washing ones hands with soap under running water, regularly using a hand sanitizer, and staying away from large crowds.



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