Use local language to educate people about Coronavirus says Lydia Forson

Rise Ghana

videos surfaced this weekend of residents of Chokor in Accra , at the beach in large numbers. This obviously goes against the presidents orders asking Ghanaians to stay at home and observe social distancing.

Actress Lydia Forson took to social media to say that to get the message across to these people, we should stop speaking big English they don’t understand and engage them in their local dialects. She explained that the people of these communities are able to follow orders when there is a ban or curfew imposed when a chief dies suggestions that same tactics must me used to educate them about the virus so they can see the severity.

Lydia said “There’s a reason why we’re able to put a ban on noise making and they obey, or a curfew when a traditional leader dies. Communicate with them in a language they understand!”.

She also suggested the need to use the Chiefs and pastors to reach the people because they will listen to them most.

Her statement also stated “We need to reach and educate people in a language they understand, use their chiefs, pastors and everyone they may listen to”.

Further, she questioned how the people of Chokor got to the beach without being stopped by law enforcement?

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