What you do today is a reflection of your tomorrow- Kenyan musician Akothee tells youth


Kenyan philanthropist and musician, Esther Akoth has admonished the youth to be up and doing in all their endeavors. The musician on her instagram page mentioned that whatever the youth does today, is a reflection of who they will become tomorrow. 

 She added that being born into a rich home with silver spoon in ones mouth doesn’t guarantee a successful future and also mentioned , parents can leave behind a rich inheritance but as to whether their successors can manage and sustain what has been inherited is the most important. She encouraged the youth to work on themselves adding that success cannot be inherited.  

She wrote, ‘Being a rich kid doesn’t guarantee you future success if you can’t put work, dedication and discipline to your daily life ! Yes , your parents hard earned sweat , can be your inheritance but are you able to sustain or double the wealth? If Yes ,start now. What you do today ,is a reflection of what you will become tomorrow, if you brag and spend today, you will lament/ blame and become a beggar tomorrow.Introducing yourself with your gone parents names ( you remember Akothee the musician?) I am her daughter / Son ) my friend ,that name will be irrelevant when I am no longer relevant.THINK, WORK ON YOURSELF SUCCESS CAN NEVER BE INHERITED, ITS EARNED. 

Esther is also the founder of Akothee Safaris, a travel and tour company. She is a single mother to three beautiful daughters Vesha Okello, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia. 



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