What is femininity to an African woman? Femininity explained! Woman accept it and flourish

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Uduak Ukem is a gender activist. She has been recently been explaining femininity to here followers on Facebook which are mostly African women. She explains that women need to practice being feminine. Read from the post below.

“So, people are asking what femininity is. It is the ability to stay and function predominantly in your feminine energy: your ability to feel, to be in the moment, to receive, to sit back and be served, to let others please you and also do things for you, to put yourself first and expect others to treat you same.

The ability to sit back and receive is a feminine trait. So, according to this definition, can we give examples of how we can relax and enjoy the good things of life? I will start with number 1:

  1. Lay back and receive your orgasms. Not every time, press up.

The more masculine you are as a woman, the more likely you are to attract low value, zeta males…Men who do not have the ability to improve or add value to you,…low earners, men who need your money, men who need you to build them. You are more likely to attract projects.

The more masculine your energy, the higher your likelihood to repel men who can help you relax and have time for yourself. It becomes a cycle of never ending struggle. You have to always work hard to thrive.

There are women who cannot receive, and it’s a serious problem. They always have to work very hard, to struggle, to do things by themselves, if not nothing gets done. Are they happy in that situation? No.
The problem is that their energy is too masculine, so for their situation to change, they will have to adjust or change the energy they send into the universe, which will determine how much they prioritize themselves what they accept and condone, and what they will attract.

Some energies attract, while others repel each other. If they are happy with the result of the energy they emit, they can remain same, but if they would want things to change, they will have to nurture aspects of their femininity. “



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