Bolaray steps in with words of advice to Funny Face, the man of the moment

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Ghanaian social media space started this week with damaging revelations about Ghanaian actor Lil Win, comedian Bismark the drunk and Kalybos by Funny Face. The comedian cum actor, Funny Face who seemed very aggrieved and pained revealed that his three colleagues are jealous of his successes in life and threatened to ruin their career and spill their evil secrets if any of them ever has the guts to respond to his message.

He made the revelations in a video alleging he once gave his girlfriend to Kalybos to have a swipe with after several pleas from the latter. In another video, pained Funny Face mentioned he’s tired of keeping all the hurts in him and so would now come clean with events henceforth.

He further added that the reason for his silence was to protect his twin girls who seems to be the center of his rants. In a very devastated mood with tears all over, the comedian listed all his efforts so far to provide for six thousand thereabout Ghanaian children during the COVID19 pandemic but was quick to add that Ghanaians were not appreciative of his efforts. 

Few hours after the supposed videos, the CEO of EIB network, Bola Ray extended his arms of kindness to the comedian by inviting him over for few talks. He is sure to have advised him to calm down as Funny Face revealed β€˜ Came for a little prep talk with senior man Bola Ray’.

Read the original post below as he shared on his instagram page.



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