Watch: Eazzy reveals her heart was broken by a girl, she now dates two guys simultaneously

Eazzy bisexual

Ghanaian singer, Eazzy has made some shocking revelations about her sex life that has had fans talking. 

The “Obaa Gemi” singer during an interview with about her love life, revealed that she has had quite a few terrible breakups that has made her over protective of her heart

“My heart was shared and broken into pieces, so I am holding a thread and needle trying to sew it together,” she explained. 
Shockingly adding, Eazzy revealed that one of the breakups was from a girl. 

 “some girl b, let me leave it just like that but yeah some girl broke my heart. I loved her and I thought she loved me but she turned out to not be very genuine.” 
“I have tried single guys and I have tried a girl. Now I am just going with two guys maybe that will work,” she added. 

Her comments has since generated a hot debate around her sexuality. Eazzy also said marriage is a hard commitment and if it happens it happens but for now she is going with the flow. Watch the interview below

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