Meet the Leading Ladies in the Ghana Music Industry

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    The Ghanaian music industry has always been a male dominated one with just a handful of females. Over the years, however, things have changed as a new crop of confident and sexy females have come out to rub shoulders with the males in the industry. 

    Although there’s still male dominance in the industry, these ladies are working hard on their crafts and selling their music both locally and intentionally. 

    Here is a list of the leading ladies in the Ghana Music Industry. 


    Since being “spotted at BBC’s Global Beats in 2014, Wiyaala has emerged as one of Ghana’s leading international touring artists. She has performed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, WOMAD UK and the Timitar Festival in Morocco and on every international stage possible. She was recognized as the “Most Promising Artist on The African Continent” at the 2014 All Africa Music Awards and as “Songwriter of The Year” at the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. She continues to lead the female music industry in Ghana. 

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    2. Efya 

    Efya has managed to stay relevant in more than a decade of doing music. Releasing hit after hit and with six albums to her repertoire, she’s always coming up with fresh performances that have kept music lovers up on their feet. Efya has proven to be one of the leading ladies of the music industry. 

    3. Becca 

     Becca, although on and off, has managed to keep her fans on their toes anytime she releases any new project and has also rightfully earned her spot as one of the leading ladies in the industry. Becca has 3 albums in her name and a whole lot of singles and features. 

    4. MzVee 

     MzVee may have paused on her music for now, but still hold the spot as one of the leading ladies in the industry. MzVee has released three albums and several danceable tunes that have kept Ghanaians dancing. 

     5. Sister Derby 

     Sister Derby has managed to keep Ghanaians talking with her witty and humorous lyrics. Her style, although different, is enjoyed by many both locally and internationally. 

    6. Adina 

    Adina’s voice is unique as it can be. The beautiful songstress continues to sing her heart out for Ghanaians. Adina’s lyrics are relatable and has earned her the spot as one of the beloved female singers in the country. 

    7. Yaayaa 

    Yaayaa has the voice of an angel. Although she doesn’t have a lot of songs to her credit, she will murder any song she sings and make it her own. 

    8. Wendy Shay  

    Wendy Shay came into the industry like a storm. Although she has faced a lot of backlash from Ghanaians, Wendy has remained focused on her music and releasing back to back hits. In her short period in the industry, Wendy has earned her spot as one of the leading ladies in the industry. 

    9. Sista Afia 

    Sista Afia is one of our treasures. With just one album to her repertoire, she has managed to stay relevant in the industry. 

    10. Eazzy 

     Eazzy baby entered the music industry with a whole new vibe. Her mission to keep music lovers on their feet with her music has worked and she’s definitely one of the leading ladies in the industry. 

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    11. AK Songstress 

    AK Songstress took the male dominated reggae/dancehall genre like a boss and made it her own. Her energy is great and she continues to strive to stand out tall. 

    12. Feli Nuna 

    Feli Nuna may be a young in the industry, but her work has caught a lot of attention. She has a bright future ahead of her in the industry. 

    13. Fantana 

    Fantana is just but a newbie. We cannot wait to see how far she goes with her craft. Either way, we’re glad she’s out there repping for the ladies in the industry. 

    14. Coco Treyy  

    Coco Treyy is another newbie and we are anxiously waiting for her to make her mark. 


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