Can one succeed regardless of a ‘dysfunctional’ upbringing?


Who can deny that the childhood of many has been marred by Violence, Abuse, Parental neglect, Disappointments, and other negative factors?

The wounds of an unhappy childhood can be deep. But do such hurts have to take over our lives forever?

One’s likelihood of embracing the truth of life and finding a considerable measure of happiness can be very far-reaching.

Is very easy to spend most of our adult life, asking why negative things happened to us. We can get stuck in our thoughts, without giving ourselves the opportunity to succeed in life.

It’s also very easy in such circumstances to adopt the culture of blame. This makes it easy to have a reason for not trying hard enough in life.

” if I can blame someone for everything that happened in my childhood, then I don’t have to take responsibility for not doing much”.

Despite our upbringing, we can succeed as people of integrity.

Let’s start with our mindset. Train your brain to be positive. No matter the situation or condition, Our brain has the power to transform our lives.
Have the ‘I can do it attitude… I am not quitting no matter what’.

Your brain is powdered by what you feed it. Give it Determination and perseverance and the outcome will be satisfaction.
Feed it sorrow and misery = disappointment

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Keep working on your inner self. You are a self-made hero, you just haven’t discovered yourself yet.

Do not give up this week, keep trying.

By: Dr. Annie Gaisie, Psychologist – Addictive Behaviour.


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