Ways in which Young People are Leading the Way against Covid-19

Rise Ghana

Young leaders perform vital work on the frontlines of the pandemic response centers. According to a new UN plan to address Covid-19, young people are some of the most affected by the pandemic. The socio economic impact on the jobs and livelihood of most young people are hugely affected. 

According to the New York Times, the Shutout in 20 percent of industries has rendered many people homeless. People trying to catch some sleep many are the newly unemployed. More than 100 members of staff of New York transport system are out of job. It further stated that 200 people were found dead on the subway during the weekend, making New Yorkers to experience a higher mortality rate. 

It is obvious that globally, poverty and hardship has become higher as a result of the lockdown since most people have lost their jobs. 

Nevertheless, the youth are among the most active frontline workers such as health workers, activists, researchers, innovators and communicators.  

The most important thing which is prevalent now is protection and most young people in the fashion industry have taken to producing face masks in large quantities to support the cause. 

Advertisers are using innovative tools to educate people on the dangers of the corona virus and precautionary measures that can help curb it. 

The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), a specialized technical institution of the African Union for public health initiatives, recently deployed 20 volunteers to support Covid-19 response in Ethiopia. The initiative is a drive to facilitate the deployment of 1 million frontline workers by the end of 2020. This is yet another of the many activities that the youth are engaged in during these hard times. 

The corona virus has to be treated with much responsibility and that is the aim of most young people at the forefront of the fight against it. The responsible ones are demonstrating their continuous leadership in their communities and countries through food donations, engaging elected officials and lawmakers on advice, and ensuring that the most vulnerable in society are not left behind. 


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