Women Who Matter: Lessons from “Becoming” Documentary

Michelle Obama

It’s about time we had a movie like this one. The intimate documentary of Michelle Obama looking at her life, hopes and connection with others as she goes on a book tour with ‘Becoming’. It explored her career, family and political life. 

Check out her profile: 

A lawyer in her twenties 

From the South side of Chicago 

Was senior class treasurer 

Was on the honor roll 

Attended Princeton and Harvard university, and later worked at law firm 

Served the 44th first lady of the USA 

Best selling author 

And the list goes on… 

Book tour 

For Michelle Obama, to be successful in one’s career life, you need to have in mind that the world is watching your every move. You need to realise that your life isn’t yours anymore. She revealed that the book tour was for her to have a time to reflect on what was currently happening in her life. She expressed how she usually craved some of her experiences with young people which is why the book tour stopped at some major high schools and colleges. For her, it was an opportunity to interact with the young people.  

We think about all she had to go through and how they are now all small voices in her life. I want to be successful and be able to impact somebody, ” a high school graduate, Shayla had this to say about Michelle Obama. 

Asked about some of her profound memories with young people, she mentioned that, “You don’t have to look around them, neither look beyond them. You just listen to their stories. It gives me the perception that I need because all my discusssions are sanitzed, which helps me to stay connected with them.” 

Why me? 

It is easy to doubt oneself and ask, “Why me?”. However, what seems like nothing to you is your power. Your story is always your powerhouse. She admonished young people to own who they are and strive to be better people. “Find the tools within yourself to be visible.  I have high expectations of young peoplethe same way my family had high expectations of me,” says Michelle Obama. 


She also shared the importance of being friends with people as it makes life a worthwhile journey. To her, there is power in meaningful networking. This is why her Chief of Staff, Melissa Winters shared this about her in the the documentary, “I quit a job I was doing for 10 years just to work with her.”  

Family ties 

“Watching opportunities pass away because no one thought you deserved it caused our granddad a lot of disappointment and that made us push in life,” Michelle explained while sharing her moments with her granddad.  

Talking about her dad, she shared on all that he gave them and all that he wasn’t able to see after he died. She also shared on how he had a way of making people feel loved. 

The movie at this point helps us to understand and appreciate the need for focusing on people’s shared stories rather than the statistics which are mostly inaccurate. Owing to her honesty, viewers learn how her older brother, for instance, was her inspiration to aim higher especially as he informed her decision to attend Princeton university. “Craig was my first crush. Mom liked him better,” Michelle jokingly disclosed. 

On racism 

“I am the former first lady of the US and also a descendant of the slaves. It is important to keep that truth right there,” the former first lady disclosed. The movie also explored various aspects of racism and representation; [Drawing or Handwriting]people have been taught to feel inferior of others because of the color of their skin.  

She explained that initially their presence in the white house was celebrated by millions of Americans. Many were overlooking the racism and tribalism that were tearing the nation apart. 

“As time went by, you would hope people were more ready for us as a black family in the White House but clearly they weren’t,” she added.



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