Health Worker Shares His Experience On International Nurses Day

International nurses day

The wealth of the world lies in the health of the people in it. As the saying goes, “Your health determines your wealth.’’ As the world celebrates International Nurses Day, Mr Ferdinard Lawson shared his 21 years of experience as a Ghanaian health worker working in the United Kingdom. For him, the nursing profession has made many of people more loving, caring, hard working, and understanding. 

“Believe it or not, I have observed and seen lots of transformation that has taken place in making the professional nurses the most valued personnel especially in the era in which we find ourselves,’’ he explained.  

According to him, although many of us nurses do long hours in caring, they are honored and privileged to be counted upon to save lives. They now more than ever accept the challenges that come along with the profession as they are aware that the wealth of the world lies in their capable hands. “We happy to be in such an honorable and rewarding profession,’’ he revealed. 

Mr Lawson disclosed that what makes the nursing job or profession more fulfilling is when they are able to achieve their goal of saving lives. And also, they take pride in caring for patients to recover from their ailments.  

As the theme for this year’s celebration is, “Nursing the world to health,’’ he encouraged all nurses to uplift the banner of providing quality healthcare to our customers regardless of the differences between them. He further stated that the quality of lives depended on the care healthcare professionals offered to humanity.  

The Nursing profession is one the most familiar profession that works and collaborates with other healthcare teams to promote the best patient health outcomes.  

Finally he suggested that all nurses across the globe should stand together in the fight against the corona virus pandemic. ‘’For us to achieve our aim for 2020; we should ensure the world is healthy by supporting, caring and promoting ultimate healthcare for all, most importantly as the world battles to fight the corona virus pandemic,’’ he concluded. 


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