Making Your Online Studies Effective as a University Student

Ghana university students

The web is indeed a great teacher. While most schools have transitioned to online studies, planning your day is a great way to stay ahead of your peers. Without planning, your study days can be a bit difficult. Here are a few ways to succeed as a student during these online learning times. 

Create a schedule 

If you do not have a solid plan, it is easy to get lost and side tracked. It is important to create a schedule or time table so you know exactly what needs to be done at what time. It’s okay to put your study mates on your schedule so that you can call them for study discussions when the time is up for that. This will not only make your studies more engaging but will also ease the burden of having to learn without a plan. 

Make a to-do-list 

The second thing is to make a list of all that you may need during your study period. Prioritize your work from the most important to the less important. The goal is to work smarter and not harder. To-do lists are life savers. Target to do the most difficult tasks so that you do not have to worry too much about it for the rest of your study period. 


Organization is everything. Keep your computer organized. Create folders for all your classes and assignments. Keep your books and study tools well organized and out of clutter. This practice also organizes your mind and gives room for smooth learning and memorization. 

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Appropriate study room 

Find a good study room in your house if you do not have a study. If the house is noisy, find a quiet room to take your studies in. It can be tempting to enter into the living room or bedroom and get distracted so make sure to set the right study room ready for you. Take everything you need along; water, snacks, learning materials, and everything useful for your studies. Put on your study clothes and launch into studies as soon as you’re ready. 

Take Breaks 

Online work is hard and so take breaks if you need to. Get snacks ahead of time for your break periods. Also, drink lots of water in-between your study period to keep you hydrated and active. Make sure you find ways to treat yourself after completing a hard day’s work. 


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