Women Entrepreneurs: Protecting Your Online Space

Rise Ghana

As a business owner you will have to deal with many online messages, some of which are not well communicated. Many scammers and cyber bullies have sprung up with no good intentions for business growth. And the more successful you become, the more you will have to protect yourself and sift through the types of information that you receive.

To be honest, you may sometimes get messages from people that you don’t have to respond to. But you know what? This should not be because you really don’t want to respond, do it to protect your image and your energy. To be able to show up for clients, friends, family and the people that are aligned with yours goals, you need your sanity and frequency intact.

Many people I have observed who run their businesses online, feel tired and frustrated at the close of day. This mostly happens when clients become abusive both online and offline which should not be. People can be happier and more successful in their careers without having to feel guilty for it. Entrepreneurship must come with having peace of mind and feeling more alive. When doing an online business or any form of business, being more productive and prosperous should always be the end goal.

And when things feel scary, you will feel like you should accommodate everyone but you cannot show up powerfully in your business if your energy is scattered. Are you afraid of really setting boundaries? Are you afraid of what people might say about you or your brand? Are you afraid of how you’re going to be perceived if you put yourself first? Good! That means you’re thoughtful enough to put out what works best for your organization.

It works best when your brand’s online presence tells a good story. Do not focus on the people who want to destroy your reputation and not make your brand grow. Try to minimize engagements with such clients online. If possible, cut out any form of cyber bullying by blocking the users.

Remember that whether it is a large corporation, a small business, or an online shop, do well to pass the rules of engagement across. This is because an organization can only change when the people in it change with it. In handling your business, focus on growth rather than worth.


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