Youth Voices: What Young People are Saying Concerning the Lockdown

Rise Ghana

Life has indeed taken on a new meaning for a lot of people with the emergence of the novel coronavirus pandemic. For most of us, quarantine and lockdown are new words we have added to our diction although its related meanings have nothing fanciful about them. What it obviously translates is staying at home and avoiding social gatherings as much as possible. Here are a few responses from some young people across the globe on what different activities they have been up to during the lockdown period. 

Akosua Leah, Ghana

I’m spending the time to perfect the art of enjoying my own company. I am exercising isolation and letting myself flex in front of my mirror like it is my proudest muscle. There is nothing more exciting than silence. I have been able to debate myself into a corner and then call it home. This is exactly how staying at home should be done.

Shikha and Semanthi, New York

Do you miss being at work but not wanting to be at work? Well, no need to feel that anymore. Also, imagine visiting your favorite city again, having brunch with your best friends, grabbing a cup of coffee while waiting to witness the neon lights taking over Times Square, and clicking carefree pictures with thousands of other cheerful people around. Let’s hold on to this imagination and hope that our imagination will come alive again. 

Gabby, London

I get so many messages from other girls who are just starting out their fitness journey and embracing it during lockdown, telling me that I motivate them to try something new. However, I want to touch on this. The last few days I have felt empty. I almost feel sick with sadness and I have no idea why. No food feels appetizing to me. I have no energy to do anything. What is important is that only you are responsible for picking yourself back up. I feel like all of my coping mechanisms have been ripped away from me. This morning, I got up, washed my hair, changed my sheets, made coffee, and put on some comfy clothes. I wrapped myself up in a fluffy blanket and this is probably where I’m going to stay. 

Vartika Rajput, India

As they say, it takes 21 days to form a habit and more than 2 months to make it a stronger one. Well, post 49 days of lockdown and I am fast approaching the finish line. Everyone is finding their own way of dealing with this forced reclusive life. Books have been the biggest savior for me in these testing times. It keeps me occupied and at the same time keeps my sanity at the right place. Although it wasn’t a new habit, it had just become a little sporadic in nature in the pre lockdown times.


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