Meet Afua Osei: Leading African Women Through Digital Contents and Conferences

Afua Osei

When you first hear ‘She Leads Africa’, I bet the first impression you get is women leaders leading change in Africa. However, it is an organization which does more than transforming women into leaders. What they actually do is to offer resources to women aspiring to be entrepreneurs, top-notch executives and world leaders. 

Afua Osei is investor, entrepreneur, and business coach besides her work at ‘She Leads Africa’, a leading media brand for millennial multicultural women reaching more 700,000 women across the globe. 

Her company applies expert digital marketing strategies and unique content creation to impact others, mostly women, through their shared stories and experiences on themes such as beauty, relationship, career, leadership, and motherland moguls. They also connect other women to influencers, advisors, mentors and employers.  

In sharing her story about how ‘She leads Africa’ is helping African women to realize their career and startup potential, she revealed that ‘’The best part of this work is hearing stories on how women run their lives and helping them to analyze their business growth”. She also added that the ‘She Leads Africa’ website gives women inspiration and ideas on what to do in their career and businesses.  

Afua was born and raised in Washington D.C. and later on moved to Nigeria to serve as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company where she advised large corporations and multinationals across Africa. 

She is a Master of Public Policy and an MBA holder from the University of Chicago. She also studied International Management from the London School of Economics and graduated cum laude from the Allegheny College. She concurrently runs her own website  

Here’s to women we stan! 


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