Tips for Stay-at-home Moms During Quarantine

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As a mother, one of the things to worry about in these ominous times is watching your children lose their bubbly and playful spirit. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, trying to work from home, or homeschooling, you are probably trying your best to play your part in one way or the other.  

The most important thing to do as a mother is to make sure that your children feel loved, heard, and understood at all times. Follow these few tips to help you get along. 


Stretch, even if it is for 10 to 15 minutes. Always find time to squeeze in a good time to work out. If you must, do it with the kids. You can play exercising games together or allow them to be your training coach as they set the timer on you. These can be fun moments for you and the children while you try to stay fit. 

Set the mood 

Setting your goals for the day and getting in the mood for the day’s activities helps in the long run. Set the temperature in the home to something calm and yet fun to be in. Organize the children for different activities on your schedule.  Setting the right mood to spend time with your babies is one way of connecting and knowing each other. 

Weekend preparations 

Preparing ahead of the week helps you relax more during the week days. Stash the house with enough fruits and food stuffs that you may require. Do well to prepare food during this time and store up enough for the week ahead. Plan the activities for the coming week and involve the children in the planning. This will teach them how to plan for upcoming activities and events in the near future. 


Do not go to bed with a messy room. Your children must be able sleep soundly and that can only happen when everything is neatly put away. Make sure your room is organized to set the mood for a great nighttime. Put away all the playing materials, books, and household wares which were used during the day. Cleaning up gives you a peaceful night rest. It also gives you more space to do little work with yourself and with the kids on the next day. 


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