5 Incredible Resources for Women and Girls in STEM

women in stem

Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is not confined to knowledge in a book, neither is it meant for only a privileged few. Hands-on learning can encourage anyone to become more excited about learning science. Making it practical can therefore build anyone’s understanding and knowledge and interest for it. 

The goal is to always empower more women and girls for a future of STEM empowered women therefore, this is a compilation of five incredible resources for women and girls in STEM. 

Girls Who Code 

‘Girls Who Code’ has created programs that foster clear pathways for their alumni from high schools who aspire to be in the computing world. ‘Girls Who Code’ is a nonprofit organization which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science by equipping young women with the necessary computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. Their Summer Immersion Program for instance, is a 7-week introduction to computer science courses hosted in technology companies. 


This is a website designed to bring national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women. Engineering and engineers are central to the process of innovation which drives economic growth. EngineerGirl aims at developing creative problem-solvers to fully represent the world’s population in the near future. This they believe will ensure health and safety for all in the years to come. 

iCode GH 

ICODE is a hub that focuses on technology training programs and providing support to creative start-ups by giving them the necessary resources to drive innovation. Their Girlcode program is a technology program which is designed the to take girls and women through coding and entrepreneurship to enable them to acquire skills required in today’s job market. Girlcode runs in a form of workshops and long-term skills incubation for two weeks and three months respectively. 

Developers in Vogue 

Developers in Vogue aims at creating a relevant community of amazing African women who are passionate about using technology to revolutionize Africa and beyond. Young girls and women who join this community, are trained to become professional computer science engineers and are connected to job opportunities within the technology industry. 

Ho Node Hub 

The aim of this organization is to empower the youth (including women and girls) with digital skills, entrepreneurship toolkits and an innovative work space where they can build successful ventures and prepare themselves for the future of work. They also provide digital skills training in emerging technologies, entrepreneurship support and training, startup acceleration programs, and digital outreaches to promote STEM in basic schools. 


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