Adesua Etomi-Wellington Shares Life Lessons Gleaned from the Creative Arts Industry

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Adesua Etomi-Wellington is an incredible actress with an amazing talent spinning from her love for the screens and the movie industry. The movie goddess has carved a niche for herself as she has featured in various hit movies in Nollywood. She exclusively appeared on the Vogue cover in the April 2019 edition. In a recent feature on the CNN, the Nigerian actress shared on what it means to be a Nigerian creative, the role music plays in helping achieve a balanced life, and what really is the answer to the recent world problems facing humanity. 

On career 

For Adesua, the movie, ‘Coming to America’ inspired her into going into acting. For her, in getting herself prepared for work it meant getting into the right frame of mind to face the day. 

In answering to the current situation in Nollywood, she stated, ‘’Being a Nigerian creative in this day and age is in my opinion is nothing short of a miracle, and I think it is something to really be proud of.  Movies gives the opportunity to tell our stories as a people.’’ 

According to the Nigerian actress and wife of musician Banky Wellington aka Banky W, her husband is her muse and the one who inspires most of her creative ideas. She also mentioned that she runs to him for advice since he is her go-to person.  

On music 

With her husband already into the music industry, Adesua explained the role music played in getting her relaxed to face the work that she does. She revealed that she stays motivated through music which helps her to drown out the voices around her. ‘’Just listening to the instrumentals or getting to hear someone sing gets me into the mood for what I have to do’’, she emphasized. 

On Love 

To the actress, Love is the answer that the world needs today. She advised the youth to live a life that focuses on people rather than themselves. With love, she hoped that the world would be a better place regardless of our differences, ethnicity, skin color, or race. ‘’If we just figure out the way to love people, the world would be a better place, so let’s love,’’ she advised. 


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