Cheddar Surprised his Wife for Birthday and Mother’s in front of their Sons


Nana Kwame Bediako a.k.a Cheddar, has recently gifted his wife a plush car and an estate for her birthday and Mother’s Day. The news is making waves as the family celebrated their mother and wife on such a special occasion in such a grand style.  

Cheddar, the ‘’Freedom man’’, took to his IG page to express profound love to his wife, Ruby, who has been in the background for some time now. He posted, ‘’Assurance and Insurance. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day Ruby”. 

The videos and images being displayed on his IG page @iamfreedom, showcased his lovely wife and three sons celebrating the moment with cake and champagne and some music. One of his sons shared a heartfelt appreciation to his dad on behalf of his mother saying, “I’m really happy that she got this brand new Panamera today. I just want to thank my dad for getting all these presents for her on her birthday and for Mother’s Day.” 

It’s every woman’s dream to feel loved especially when it’s from the love of their life. Some fans fantasized over the gesture with comments such as, ‘’Money sweet’’, ‘’Love is beautiful’’, “God bless you boss’’. 

Cheddar’s wife and kids

Other section of the fans congratulated the couple and wished them a happy marriage.  

The two love birds are spotted on Cheddar’s Instagram page expressing their romantic love life to the world. See images below. 

If this is not setting an example for the youth, we don’t know what else would. “I pray for you to get more money to bless your family and others, you are an inspiration to the youth. I want to become like you one day…” a fan and an admirer commented. 



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