How Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are Preparing the Youth for Post Covid-19

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As the world struggles to respond to the Covid-19 crisis, there is a real opportunity to rethink the way young people will see life after the pandemic is go. It is important for them to be able to transform the way our economies and societies function to foster growth and development. 

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are Non-State, not-for-profit, voluntary entities formed by people in the social sphere that are separate from the State and the market. They can include community-based organizations as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In the context of the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework, CSOs do not include business or for-profit associations.  

These are a few activities these organizations are doing to equip the youth for a better tomorrow. 


During lockdown, most young people are spending their time online, often without supervision. CSO’s are doing well to ensure that young people are well engaged during this time by educating young people by offering online lessons and engagements. Regular engagements with young people on various topics are keeping them busy and mostly out of trouble. 

Affirmative actions 

Throughout youth engagements during this period, a lot of calls to action have being raised around the changes that need to be made in society. For instance, strategies are being put in place to help vulnerable groups in society who have nowhere to go to in these times of economic difficulties. The Covid-19 pandemic brings into sharp focus the importance of investing into various sectors of the society.  


Enough resources in the form of tools and materials are being churned out and distributed to various youth groups to aid in proper support for youth who are into social change and entrepreneurship. Various essential goods and funding are being channeled into various funds to help resolve emergency issues as corona virus which may arise in the near future. 

Counseling and advice 

Many CSO’s have become the hub for counseling and guidance for people with specials needs and problems. They are also addressing issues on the impact of the pandemic on individuals and families and proposing measures to generally reduce some of these impacts such as depression and unemployment. 


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