Replace Friday Night Outs with These Activities

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With everything going on in the world right now, it will be so much better to engage in activities that makes you feel motivated at most times. Being stuck at home can also make you feel stressed and anxious so here are some activities to help you stay happy. Replace these activities for your Friday and weekend hangout with friends and family.


Since we no longer hang with our friends and social distancing is becoming the order of the day, its incredibly important to try to connect with friends. Have FaceTime and Zoom video calls with your loved ones to discuss fun times. Make it fun. Play games together on the video calls if you can. Then have drinks and share secrets on how things have been so far. Just try and zoom into the moment and forget all that is currently happening around us

Book Club

Start a mini book club as you wait for the better days ahead. Pick Fridays to discuss selected books via video conference calls. Have your family on your book club if you have a large family and make the moments worthwhile. 

Art Show

Learn a new skill during this period. If your Friday rituals have been shortchanged by the quarantine, find time to paint, sing or do pick-and-act. Perform any selected fun activities in a video and showcase it on your social media for comments and engagements. Alternatively, you can do it with your household to make it more real and engaging. This will be a destress activity if you have fun with it.

Movie Night

Instead of binging on TV shows, enjoy a movie night alongside some popcorn and drinks. This is a sure way to connect virtually with the movie characters that you love. Make sure to pick a movie that you love or one that has been highly recommended by friends and family.

These few tips should help you get by as the world awaits the times when we can all hang out at restaurants and parties. We all can not wait for these terrible times to pass. Hold on in there!


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