Ghanaian single father sells Sobolo to cater for his family

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Facebook user by name ‘Bra Kwaku Maturity Annex’ is a single dad doing everything possible to take care of his child. He is a graduate with a diploma in marketing but currently doesn’t have any formal employment.

Many folks in his position will sit and do nothing while expecting handouts. Not this guy, he posted a picture of himself carrying Sobolo on his head to sell in his vicinity. Most people are saying it’s a publicity stunt and he is doing it for attention.

We can confirm that he is not doing it for likes or to get sympathy from the public. This is a proud man who believes in the value of work. We are very inspired by this guy because most young men in this situation will just sit at home and sleep while their child goes hungry. For them, it’s either office work or nothing at all. They want to wear suit and tie.

Read the post that was published of social media under the images below

Yesterday I went out selling my Sobolo I made in my hood, I heard a certain woman saying ” nice guy na he’s carrying ice chest to sell or he’s just joking or it’s a movie”?
I looked at her and giggled, she noticed I heard nd I could see she felt bad.. .
No matter how poor I am my appearance deɛ I’ll never joke with it, construction works I do, I’ve sold power banks, shoes, etc. I have a daughter to feed nd gentility won’t pay my bills or feed me, I know better days are ahead..
Please you guys should tell the sun to play gently wai.. Eiii😭😭😭😭
You can come to Abokobi- Ashongman road a place Called Ablor Adjei u can find me there….
Abena Papa….
Bro even if it’s water or anything u can sell let’s put the Certificate elsewhere for now and feed ourselves cos no government will feed us..
NB: I’m not looking for sympathizers nti take ur Maturity to ur family meetings.. Just wanna inspire someone…🙌🙏❤🎊🎉✌

Many Ghanaians have shown their support for him with offers coming in to help him with branding as well as other tools he may require to succeed in his sobolo business.

An anonymous donor has bought him a popcorn making machine to help expand his business. Facebook user Josephine Yartel made the post about the popcorn machine.

An Anonymous sister has reached out to support Bra Kwaku Maturity Annex with 600ghc to buy this Popcorn machine and the rest goes towards his sobolo business. #ThankYouSisAndGodBlessYou ❤🙏🏽
We’ve arranged with our resident rider Daniel… to pick up this machine from Dansoman to be delivered to Kwaku’s location.
Kindly bless her and everyone looking out for him for me wai
Nipa nua ni nipa #Ubuntu_IAmBecauseWeAre

To anyone looking to support Bra Kwaku with some coins in his hustle or his baby Abena, kindly use 0544134724 Dominic Ofori


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