Inclusion at the workplace, Lessons for 9-5 Career Woman

Career lessons for women

Why are these times the best for inclusion and representation at the workplace? Businesses have had to make the hard decisions to layoff staff. Some are empathetic, while others take a more callous and exhibit an uncaring approach to this sensitive matter. As women, it is important to maximize our potential in order to stay afloat especially if your job demands your cooperation from a 9 to 5 period. 

In this feature, I explain why there should be enough space for women at the corporate world and how career women can leverage on these times to be more productive. 

Climb the career ladder 

It is everyone’s goal to work smart, get a raise and get promoted in their careers. Learn to lead with advice from top executives in your industry. There is no need getting into careers that you may want to opt out at any time.  

It is important that you plan to make sure you get to see and do all the things that are most relevant to help you break the glass ceiling. 

Be resilient 

This is the time for women to take part in the decision making during departmental and board meetings. There is no room for playing small or being mediocre at the task you are involved in. Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran advises; “These are the times that make warriors out of entrepreneurs. Only the worst of times build character and confidence. But it will give you a lifetime of confidence to make it through anything, which eventually makes you a fortune.” 

Make deliberate efforts 

It is necessary to be part of the next wave of people who are ready to re-imagine the world through innovation and technology. Now is the time for you to show the world out there what your skills and capabilities are. Apply for courses that teach digital skills and apply them to your job at the workplace. Let nothing stop you from repositioning yourself to align with the vision that you have for yourself concerning your career development. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Since women are more prone to have an emotional reaction to many things, use that as your advantage. In the business world, emotional intelligence has become a much more needed skill than ever before. Be conscious of the needs of the people around you while trying not to over step your boundaries with them. Be ready to listen and offer your best support when needed at the workplace. 


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