5-year-old shares her favorite activities during the lockdown, a Lesson for Parents

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As Egypt locks down due to COVID-19, young Camilla Mashallah shares some of her favorite activities with her friends in a video which was broadcast on UNICEF’s social media page. Getting the kids off computer screens and out doing the activities that are still possible has been the biggest challenge so far during the lockdown. However, young Camila is dedicated to engaging in other activities to build herself up for post lockdown.

Have breakfast 

In the video, the 5-year-old is seen eating her breakfast and enjoying some daylight, saying she likes to eat and enjoy the sun in the mornings. Breakfast is good for helping children stay active for the day.

Do yoga

The young girl further shows how she indulges in yoga every morning. For her, this helps her to start her day right. Who would have thought children also enjoy morning exercises? Well, young Camila proves it to us that she is one of those children who likes to keep fit.

Play games

Camilla said that she played various games in the day, an activity that gets her to play various characters. She said she sometimes plays princess, and other times she plays the role of a Rockstar.

She also dances Ballet to flex her muscles. At other times, she plays with her kitchen set toys to try her culinary skills just like her mom does. Interestingly, she’s got the right costumes and tools for her play times too.


She is also seen baking with her mom in the kitchen adding frosting to a cake, an activity she describes as hard work. She also describes those rare moments of cooking with her mom very exciting as she sings ‘’Happy birthday’’ for her dad after they were done baking him a cake for his birthday.

Joining an online class

Camilla is spotted working on her computer while engaging in an online class in order to get ahead with her studies. She finally uses some of that period to making arts and crafts as she flaunts some of her works to viewers from her home in Cairo.

watch the video and share with your young ones.


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