Meet the Kudji’s: Mother and Daughter graduate medical school together

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It is not always that you hear such incredible stories of women who stand by their daughters and even go the length of graduating the same school with them. Side by side, these two women who are mother and daughter, motivated each other to recently graduate from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine.  

The Ghanaian single mother, Cynthia Kudji, and her daughter graduated from the medical school at the same time. 

The two will be starting their residency at LSU Health New Orleans. Their groundbreaking story has been trending on social media for days now and we are proud to share in their greatest achievement. 

Their news has come with a lot of mixed reactions. One woman shared in a comment saying, ‘’This is really inspirational. Keeping the dream alive and ensuring it is pursued to the very end takes a lot of courage. I salute Dr. Kudji. It must be exciting to have professional conversations over dinner or a movie with one or both parents in similar fields.’’ 

According to a post by the Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation on Facebook, the feat by the two women is the first time to have a mother and daughter “attend medical school at the same time and match at the same institution”. 

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This is a great story of inspiring women achievers that other women can emulate. We hope that their story inspires others to aim to achieve their aspirations no matter the odds and obstacles set before them. 


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