The Effects of Lockdown on Young People

coronavirus stress and youth

A team from the University College of London took a survey to ascertain the effects of the lockdown on some of its students in which they came up with interesting responses. Sharing their experiences during the lockdown in a poll organized by the team, participants said the lockdown has taken the pressure of life off them. They achieved a consensus on how the lockdown is treating most young people. 

With a question like, how can we make society better for people in many ways? Several responses showed that young people were fueled with many ideas on how they can make a positive change in society even in these gloomy days. Some of them proposed to using music, dance, and the arts in general to entertain people to come out of their down moments. 

The reviews also showed that since the lockdown happened, people are living simpler and focusing more on the most important things in life. Eventually, the survey concluded that life under lockdown is proving therapeutic for the youth. Sue, who was part of the respondents stated, “I am learning some basic life skill like cooking, and left with me alone the lockdown should continue.” 

Although a few responses attested to being shattered a bit by the pandemic, they described the experience as giving them a different view on life. The survey also found that life could be dangerous for some people as they may be fighting depression and other related health problems by staying away from people as a whole.  

“Stress about unemployment remains relatively stable, with around one in 12 people worried about their future. These levels are similar across most demographics, although higher in those under 60 and those with a mental health diagnosis,’’ the team revealed. 


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