Advice for young graduates finding jobs in these odd times


Some students were beginning to feel comfortable during the lockdown situation but months later, they are seeing the changes in the business world today. Unfortunately, most of us do not want to witness changes in our lives. Meanwhile many opportunities exist in several companies and organizations for people who want to be flexible. This article presents a few ways for young graduates to adjust their job search techniques to suit the current situation in which we find ourselves in. 

 Be strategic

Noticing small changes early in life helps you to adapt the bigger changes that are to come. Make thoughtful choices about your career options in order. Package yourself well indicating what skills you have which will be relevant to your employers. Make your experiences employable.

LinkedIn Profile

Update your details on your LinkedIn profile to so fit what employers are looking for. Invest your lockdown time in always updating your timeline with the relevant information on the things you do, including changing your profile picture to a formal outlook. Be sure to always make it professional.

Join a network

Joining a group or network that shares in your career goals and aspirations is relevant in these odd times. This could be a physical network or a virtual one. Your group must share opportunities and discuss certain career challenges that you face as young people in today’s world. Your group should also be able to hold virtual meetings during this period to invite career advisors and mentors who would share tidbits on how you all can grow professionally.

Interviewing skills

You may get a few opportunities to tell employers why you are the perfect candidate for their organization. This will often be through virtual engagements. Master the art of preparing video CVs, which are fast becoming the new normal way for organizations to recruit members. This should be concise and have a duration of about 2-3 minutes. 

Also, practice being early for video calls, be it Skype or Zoom scheduled meetings. Dress well and focus on the interviewer during such times. You can master the art of video calls and interviews by regularly recording yourself using your phone or laptop.


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