Gender Inequality on the rise as Women Unemployment rate increase

Ghana teacher
A female teacher teaching science to a classroom of students at a primary school, Ghana, West Africa, Africa

The disparities among women and girls seems to have become rifer in this pandemic period as women face more threatening situations both at home and the workplace. In order to reduce the gender bias in our world today, more hands must come on deck to prepare policies and measures to help curb the challenges that women face globally. This article looks at some challenges facing women unemployment and possible solutions that could help tackle them. 

Unpaid care givers 

As more and more people settle in and stay at home, women are taking up roles in care giving. Most of them are taking care of their families and the elderly although they naturally feel the need to care for these people. This could however weaken their economic value as most of them will not get paid for the caregiving roles in which they provide. Women should take up other side hustle or part time jobs to make up some financial benefits to compensate for what they have lost. 

Teaching jobs 

As there are closure of schools, the gender inequality gap in the employment sector is broadening since more women take up teaching jobs than men. Teaching feels safe for most women and so it is important for them to make up for their financial loss if they must be at the decision-making table with their other male counterparts. 

Policies that allow female family members to take the necessary paid leave from their teaching jobs are required in order to keep them employed and economically stable., 

Private Sector 

A lot of businesses are thriving in spite of the major challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As more women own small scale businesses and sole proprietorships, they must make adaptations to their working environments and implement flexible working arrangements to meet their financial needs in these difficult economic times. 

Governments and international organizations must also provide guidance on gender-based policies, including how to implement changes in the workplace for the vulnerable group, which include women and girls. 

The impact and economic effect of the pandemic reveals more gender-based issues in the world. Business and economic decisions must therefore be well tailored to review the problems facing gender inequality across the globe. 


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