Using webinar series to empower more women

empower women

In view of recent events associated with Covid-19 such as women unemployment rate and violence against women, using the period to empower such women is necessary for their growth and development. 

Webinar series are online lectures or classes where people meet and discuss possible solutions to dire problems in society. It tackles a range of topics to help navigate through life and business. These platforms are relevant in these times as it will ensure that women live life to the fullest. 

In the fight against the pandemic, this must be part of measures put in place to allow women assess resources which are useful for the mental, spiritual and physical well-being at all times. 

As UN Secretary General,António Guterres has recently made a call to action to end gender-based violence, using webinars as a tool for counselling and advising victims is also key to ending the sickening social menace. Women networks and organizations must play a role in ensuring that their voices become an array of hope for vulnerable women and girls. 

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Webinars which are now a new normal, should be able to provide relief to its users by optimizing productivity to women while staying at home or running a business. It must be used as a medium to address certain concerns for women. It must also provide innovative approaches to help resolve lifestyle challenges such as conflicts in business and relationships. 

It is time for women to come together through webinar series and to channel the drive and momentum created on such platforms to safeguard their rights and freedoms in society. 


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