Samini to hold virtual concert on May 30, shows his Canadian kids

Samini kids

Samini has a treat for his fans on May 30th with a virtual concert. It’s a way for him to engage his fans and lovers who have been missing him. Virtual concerts have become popular in recent times and he is following in the leads of those who have done it.

Samini who is currently in Canada with his family showed his kids to Joy news on a zoom interview. When asked if he was eager to come to Ghana, Samini said the kids were happy to have him so they’re having a good time. He has been in Canada for the past three months due to the covid-19 global lockdown.

When asked about how musicians will bounce back after covid-19, Samini believes this is a good thing due to the fact that the music scene was becoming slightly boring because some of them have had a smooth run for too long and the pandemic will give them the opportunity to reinvent themselves and

go back to the drawing board to do stuff about our craft to make sure that when time comes to lift this ban, we will have something special to deliver rather than what we are known for

Samini believes musicians will be appreciated more once everything is back to normal.

Watch the interview with Joy News


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