The story of Louis Faith and the benefits of free SHS for students in Ghana


The free senior high school education policy was initiated for the first time in Ghana by President Nana Akuffo Addo in 2017. This began a new chapter for students whose parents couldn’t afford to enroll them in secondary school after basic education.

The policy has been criticized by a few on the opposite political sphere as well as some parents. It might not be exactly perfect but it is working and has enabled some youth to return to school after many years of no hope.

An example is the story of Louis Faith who testified about how the free SHS policy has helped her gain admission into Mawuli High School School.

See, Louis was a young lady who got pregnant at the age of fourteen and had to drop out of school. As narrated by herself in the video below, she got pregnant a few more times ending up with three children. She always had the desire to go back to school but it wasn’t possible due to finances.

It was after the president initiated the policy in 2017 that she made more efforts to return to school. Faith enrolled in school again at the Junior high level, passed her BECE exams and got admission into a reputable Senior High School. She credits all this to Nana Akuffo Addo’s policy.

Watch her narrate her story and you will be touched.


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