Brands must take advantage of Technology amid Covid19


It is no more news that the corona virus pandemic is here among us and people are made to cope with its prevalence in societies. Although most businesses and organizations are feeling the pressure associated with the pandemic, most are a adopting various mechanisms to keep their busineses afloat. The collective response of governments and international organizations to protect Citizens across the globe is equally commendable.

Technology has proven to be a great way to connect with people both far and near. It’s benefits far outweigh the disadvantages as it provides a wide range of opportunities for people everywhere in the world. It has enhanced trade relations and growth among individuals and nations. It has also enhanced employment and commercial opportunities for the youth.

This makes it more imperative for more inclusive efforts on the part of organizations to use technology to advance economic growth and continental development.W with every challenge comes opportunities and therefore the current pandemic should leapfrog the use of technology for smooth operations on the job market. In this 21st century global economy, we cannot afford to be left behind.

In the meantime, Ghana is collaborating with UK’s Open University to deploy distance learning programs for universities. It is possible for technology to be used to promote all aspects of the economy such as agriculture, education, hospitality and tourism, governance,finance, aviation, maritime, among others. We need to prepare and draw out strategies that can improve innovation and inventions around us.

Great tech giants like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have shown the way and as more youth emerge in the technological space, we hope that more companies will hire tech savvy people for effective work experiences. Already, most brands have adopted an increased online presence for their products and services which is a great start.

While we cannot predict an end to the pandemic, it is no doubt that technology can help in areas such as remote working and speedy health treatments in relation to finding solutions to the situation at hand. Technology is the way.


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