Landlord kills tenant over rent


It was reported yesterday that a landlord shot and killed a musician musician at Ofankor. The tenant was murdered for refusing to vacate a room he had rented.

Victor Stephen Nana Kankam according to police extract, shot budding musician Spark Benjamin who was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries. He succumbed to his injuries.

In the video below, police talk to the suspect at the station after his arrest.

Police interrogate tenant killer Nana Kankam about how he got his guns which were found after a search at his residence.

The tenant Spark Benjamin, whose rent expired on May 24 refused to vacate the apartment, the landlord then came by and shot at him multiple times.

Police interrogate suspect

The landord had previously warned Benjamin he did not want to see him after May 24th and should leave the keys behind when vacating the apartment.
Youth in the area who were angry after hearing the news have gone to set the building on fire.


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