Elizabeth Owusua: A story on working both as a nurse and lawyer with poise


While most women are complaining and fussing about the one job that they have and while others are unable to find their career path, Ms. Elizabeth Owusua is busy building her career life as a lawyer and a nurse, two professions she is managing quiet well with grace and poise.

Born and raised by a single mother, Ms Owusua was determined to break barriers and pursue the unusual goals in life. Her mother’s advice to put in her best in all that she does also pushed her to even do better. According to her, she and her siblings were always encouraged by their mother to work hard in life.

Many people have wondered how she managed to get where she is today, but Elizabeth has attributed all that to determination and sacrifices. For her, she has had her aspirations of being in two professions right from an early age. Although she knew that it was not going to be easy, she set her mind to it and aimed for the kill.

Graduating from the Mfantisiman Girls SHS, Korle-Bu Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Central University, GIMPA, and the Ghana School of Law, respectively, the lawyer cum nurse was able to achieve such envoius feat through hardwork and dedication.

She confessed in an interview that ‘’There were times when I would get out of a class to walk around so I don’t doze off’’. While studying at the Ghana School of Law, she still worked night shifts until the completion of her course. She said she had to do both as she needed the salary to support her education at the time. Thankfully all her efforts paid off and she is now on a path to being one of the successful young women in Ghana.

Ms Owusua currently works as a nurse at the Cocoa Clinic in Accra and is undertaking her pupilage at Lartey, Badombie & Co. law firm in Adabraka. She is presently an inspiration for young women and girls across the nation.


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