Hot Gossip: Mona Gucci says it was Nana Akua Addo who revealed the secrets of Ghana’s slay queens


After going on radio yesterday to reveal the trade and secrets of Ghana’s slay queens, Mona Gucci is alledging today that it was Nana Akua Addo that gave her the juice on her fellow slay queens.

Mona Gucci said the queen mother of Ghana slay queens is Nana Aba Anamoah. She also said Nana Aba is a female pimp who hooks up the girls to big men in Ghana and abroad by putting them on television.

She continued to say Moesha Budong and the rest of the girls go to Dubai to meet men. Moesha gave her a reply and told her she didn’t know how to dress well, if she was a good dresser, she wouldn’t call them slay queens.

After the public response from Moesha, Mona Gucci has also taken to social media to say that it was Ghana’s fashion slayer, Nana Akua Addo who gave her the juice on the life of the slay queens.

So Mona is upset that Nana Akua, went to Moesha’s post to drop a comment or emoji to the jab that Moesha threw at her. Basically calling her a hypocrite. Nana Akua goes to the leave comments on the post of all the girls she gossips about as claimed by Mona. See the first screenshot.

Mona Gucci is warning Nana Akua to come out and tell the ladies everything she has told her from 2012 to 2019. If she doesn’t , she will go live herself.

I can imagine the heat Nana Akua is feeling. A case of friendship going sour.


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