Things Men Notice first about Women

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Men are visible creatures who are moved by what they see. In a conversation with some group of men, they revealed a few things that they easily notice about women at first sight. This interesting revelation will take most women by surprise as they are very simple things which women can easily live by. These are a few things that men say they easily notice about the women they meet. 


Teeth, Lips, Bright Eyes, Smile. These things make a man stop in his tracks when he sees a woman’s face. Keeping a happy face keeps a man attracted to you. Eating well helps you to gain the right nutrients to keep your face beautiful and smooth. Your facial skin must always look clear if a guy must notice you. Always keep your hair in good shape with a touch of shine to make your face glow at all times. 

Body Shape 

Men notice women with a well-trimmed body shape. Your body must be in good shape at all times. Exercising and eating healthy are a great way to make your body shape intact. Bloated belly and slouching while walking is a turn-off for most men. In order get noticed, stay fit and walk confidently to expose the right curves and body shape that you have. 


The way a woman dresses compliments how attractive she looks to a man. For responsible men, choosing the right clothes which covers all your essential body parts is the right style of dressing. This type of men like women who dress decently and say that it tells them a lot about the woman. If you dress well, you can attract the right type of men to you. However, dressing provocatively attracts only men who want to get intimate with you. 

In case you did not know, now you know. Keep looking good not just for yourself but with the hope that there is some guy out there who admires you and uses your looks as an example in grooming the women (mother, sisters, girlfriend) around him. Who knows? 


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