Gender Equality: Kayayei’s Migration as a Major Challenge


It is not long since the news about some head potters (kayayei) been caught trying to go back to the north was announced. They were believed to have embarked on this journey due to an announcement that there was going to be a lockdown in the country. The news came as a shock to most people as these women had packed themselves in a truck despite the threats and the challenges of poor ventilation which in the vehicle.  

The head potters business has posed many problems for women and girls and gender equality in the country at large. However, more and more girls keep migrating to the south for greener pastures at all cost. 

Most of the young girls migrate from various regions such as Northern, Bono, Ashanti, and Central regions. These activities from these women can only be curtailed when migration is a bit restricted in these areas. 

Some issues and concerns surrounding the phenomenon is rape, poor income, child marriage, and child trafficking, including other social vices like prostitution. Some of the young women engage in casual sex and prostitution which also results in unwanted pregnancies. The adverse effect is giving birth to children out of wedlock who, if care is not taken, later become a burden on society. 

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To solve this menace, more organisations must join hands with government by making rural areas attractive to young people. This can only be achieved through creation of businesses and training young women to engage in lucrative jobs. Young women in rural areas must be well groomed through training in public speaking, speech writing, weaving, sewing, and other vocational skills trading. This will make them career oriented and more focused on chasing better job opportunities rather than head pottering. 

The provisions of the 1992 Constitution and the Children’s Act which is related to the rights of children must be enforced to protect women head potters and their children against abusers. Culprits who violate the rights of these women and children should be punished to deter others from doing same. 


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