Minister of Tourism speaks on killing of George Floyd


The Minister of Tourism in Ghana Barbara Oteng Gyasi has released a statement on the death of George Floyd. It is about time Ghana government spoke on the issue as a show of support and condemnation of the incidence that led to the death of George Floyd.

There have been protests across the globe and Ghana should not be left out. Its almost 4 months ago that The year of return organised by Ghana’s tourism ministry ended which brought so many African American citizens and celebrities to out country. The need the show that we are with them is very necessary.

The minister called the death of the man a “cruel murder by torture which is punishable by all local and international laws”.

She also called for justice to be done swiftly. Honourable Barbara Oteng Gyasi concluded her statement by saying she is standing with her “fellow brothers and sisters of African descent in the USA and across the world”.

The world is watching and Ghana’s government cannot isolate itself in matters of racism affecting African-Americans.

Her statement released on Facebook is below

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