Parents’ Day: Have meaningful conversations with Children

Happy parents

As the world celebrates parents today, we should ponder on the many sacrifices that parents make for their children in this world. For generations, parents, whether single or double, whether they be guardians and not biological, have raised multi-talented super heroes and heroines for the world at large. 

First of all, parents are nurturers.They guide and direct their kids into the real world. They give us access to the needed information and guidelines to live by. These conversations go a long way to shape the life of children and therefore it must be done well. Children easily pick up habits from the word go. They observe what goes on in their immediate and imitate those behaviors. 

Fathers and more importantly, mothers, should monitor how their children communicate with others outside of the home. Vulgar words and conversations must not be tolerated. The use of cuss words should be vehemently rejected and abhorred in the homes. 

In helping to raise children, teachers are the second parents for school going children. It is important that parents and guardians build a solid relationship with the teachers whereby the children are a focal point of most discussions. Fostering a good relationship with your children also helps them to open up to you. Keep them close enough to help them solve most of their problems. 

Throughout the world, most parents are doing an excellent job in raising responsible children. However, there is more room for improvement. Spending time with the kids is becoming a major challenge as most parents need to go about other businesses. If we are able to balance family and work life well, our children will become the best adults that the world will be proud of. 

In the meantime, kudos to all responsible parents. They are our real heroes. 


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