Young man caught in the act raping a 6 year old in Nigeria

Nigeria rape

Social media user Abdullateef, Esq. was in his house when he heard cries of a little girl coming from an uncompleted building nearby.

He found a young man in the act, raping a neighbours child who is 6 years old. The guy could have gotten away with the act if it wasn’t for for his quick response and intervention.

He shared the picture of the young man on his twitter page. Nigeria twitter is outraged by the rape of women daily. The recent rape and killing of a 22 year old University of Benin student while she was reading on church premises has many calling for swift justice from the Nigerian police.

The man was taken to the police station but unfortunately he penetrated the young girl.

We condemned rape against women and girls.

Full text of the post as it happened.


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