How Rape Over Emphasizes Violence against women


    The internet has been loud these past few days over the murder and rape of Uwa, a Nigerian young female who was at her church premises. The act can be said to constitute the highest level of violence against women, according a UN Women report. The incidence got many other women opening up on their personal rape experiences with male friends and family. Some of these experiences exposes how some men shamefully defile and rape girls as young as 3 weeks old. 

    Instances like staying over a male friend’s place has warranted a few records of abuse on the sexual rights of women and girls. Male friend’s of these guys even have the effrontery to ask their guys questions like, “Did you do it?”, when they see their friends coming out of a room with female acquaintances. 

    Women must be treated with respect too. The media must play an important role is addressing issues such as broadcasts which portray women as sex objects rather than agents of change in society. Body shaming and name calling of certain category of women should not be encouraged on radio, television or online platforms.  

    Sex tapes which denigrate the sexuality of the female species must be highly frowned upon and perpetrators must be put to book. These are the only ways in which issues such as rape can gradually be wiped out of our society. 

    Rape has a lifelong effect on the physical and mental well-being of most women and girls. It takes a tone on the way in which females behave psychologically. Such girls should be given extensive counselling and be encouraged to participate in life changing events which will take their minds off the trauma. 

    Consequently, society should teach boys how to be sensitive to the needs of their fellow females. They should also be thought the discipline of self control and how to behave responsibly around women and girls. This will go a long way to help solve this problem within our societies. 


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