How Women can use Multi-tasking to Achieve High Level Performance

mom multitasking

Whether you are a wife, mother, top business executive, female leader, or a stay-at-home mom, multitasking is one of your everyday activity. Women easily find themselves doing many things at a time. Choosing to win at life and all other aspects of it means using multi-tasking as a tool to becoming a high achiever in life. Read on to find out how. 

High-level tasks 

Numerous tests by psychologists show that the majority of people follow the lower-level path most of the time, which leads to inferior decisions without their realizing it. As Carl Jung put it, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Being a successful woman means choosing to do only highly recognised tasks with the minimum time allotted to you. 


It’s even more important that decision making be evidence-based and logical when women are involved in groups of people working together. If it’s not, the process will inevitably be dominated by the most powerful rather than the most insightful female participants, which is not only unfair but unhelpful for groups. Successful women must have cultures in which they provide evidence-based decision making to counter the norm even when they are multi tasking. 

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Over reliance 

Be wary of relying on anything else rather than the most important tasks. Make room for exceptions while directing your focus on shattering the most relevant things on your list. When in groups, utilise the presence of your other team members to finish up other important tasks before deadlines. 


One funny thing they say about the gym, “You can kill the pain by using pain”. Due to how the world is moving at a fast pace, women have to aim at achieving only the best outcomes from all the activities that they execute in a day. Be a smart multi-tasker by applying your best time into activities with the highest rewarding outcomes. 


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