Tolerance in a Racial World will Promote Peace


Our current situation where there is so much hate for each other is appalling. All humans need a deeper introspection into racism in order to become the good global citizens that they keep trumpeting all around us. How can we enjoy peace and order in a chaos world wherein all find ourselves if we keep being inhumane towards one another?

In spite of the world’s agenda to partner towards development under the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is imperative that we are not anyway near this goal. More and more challenges persist in the current globalization regime.


As a human race, the black community has undergone series of racial discrimination which are unthinkable. Many activists, including Martin Luther King, have tried their best to resolve this issue which keeps eating up in our societies. Hashtags like Black Lives matter have all been used to sound a message that blacks are also human.

On May 30 this year, Beyonce added her voice by using her social media to urge fans to sign a petition to get justice for the late George Floyd who was recently brutalized in a Minneapolis police encounter.


Among the many values that promote peaceful co-existence within a given society, tolerance remains the at the top. People who learn to tolerate other individual’s views tend to be more understanding in nature. What we need more as a people, is the ability to give room for others to breath, open up, and have their own space. It is good to have dissenting views these views do not cause any misunderstanding.


In annual conferences and meetings, world leaders must come together and legislate laws which promotes fostering peace and unity within all continents of the world. The xenophobic nature of South African, Asians and Americans should not be applauded in any way. Humans must see each other in the same light and protect each other from prospective human rights violators.

Recognition should also be given to countries or nations who have zero tolerance for racial disparities so as to set an example for others to follow.

Call on Africans

It is time for Africans and the black race to rethink development in their jurisdictions. The white superiority that the race exerts on the blacks may be as a result of over dependence on them. If the black community see the need to utilize their resources and minimize their dependence on white nations, this issue may be half solved.

Citizens of African and black descent should fix Africa if they want racism to be fixed.


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