DateRush: I don’t want Emefa because Freelove was the one I wanted- AJ


Tv3’s Date Rush always promises drama and intrigues and Sunday’s episode did not disappoint. Emefa and AJ danced into the studio looking all loving and making fans believe all was perfect in their relationship, but this was far from the truth.

Emefa confessed that she gave up trying to make things work between them when she found out that , AJ never wanted her in the first place. AJ had revealed to her a week prior to the show that, he had wanted Freelove but was rejected because she said he was too emotional.

She also said that the only thing that bothers her about AJ’s confession is that she hates to be the second option.

Emefa in the end revealed to those who ship them that there’s nothing happening for them in the future, no wedding bells no nothing.

Source: Tracy Solomon


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