Funny Faces threatens baby mama while acting out again like a toddler- Ghanaians says he should get help


Exactly six weeks ago, comedian Funny Face was having issues with some of his industry colleagues concerning the mother of his twins.

He believed actor Lilwin was behind the mother of his twins leaving their home and taking the kids with her. He had a few tantrums on social media until some top industry like Bolaray gave him a good talk.

Well the dust settled for a while when he took a break from social media and one would have thought he would have solved the issues with his baby mama. No we were wrong because Funny Face is back at it again on social media, making threats to the woman and acting immature.

Funny Face twins Ella and Bella

He went on an interview with Ghone two days ago and when asked about the kids he sobbed. There is no doubt that he loves the children but he is going about it the wrong way. He has now given the woman one week to bring the twins to him.

In this video, Funny Face believes he is in a better position to take care of the children based on the money he has. He explained that the mother of the children is not working and therefore will be ruining the kids life.

This are children who are under a year old, why should a mother leave her babies with a father when the relationship breaks down? Funny Face goes on to say that he is loosing the love he has for the babies gradually.

A father’s love should never die regardless of circumstances. Funny Face continues to make threats to the woman saying he will reveal her secrets. Is Funny Face acting like a real man? I think not.

Ghanaians are advising him to get professional help but he blocks anyone that doesn’t side with him.

We’ve compiled a list of comments Ghanaians had for Funny Face on Facebook and Instagram under his unfortunate videos.

Read for yourself


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