Oprah Winfrey is on Forbes List of Top-earning celebrities in 2020


Oprah Winfrey returned to the Forbes list of top-earning celebrities this year landing at No. 91 with estimated earnings of $37 million before taxes and fees, thanks mostly to a lucrative Apple TV+ deal. “I wanted to be able to offer some solace, some comfort, some hope,” Winfrey says in the first episode, which she shot from her home.

Her  starpower is a hopeful antidote to the struggles Apple TV+ has had keeping up with its competitors since its debut in November 2019. 

The Apple streaming service has aired four episodes of her Oprah Book Club show, an extension of her popular book club. This comes after she signed a multiyear deal with Apple TV+ to create, and appear in content. She has included interviews with other writers stating that,  “And in doing so, speak to people who are actually going through it and getting through it, speak to thought leaders who can add some perspective to let us all know that we are not alone, that we are indeed in this together.”  

 In March she debuted Oprah Talks, a 12-episode interview series about the coronavirus, hosting guests like Idris Elba and frontline doctors to help explain the virus and its effects. The nine-figure deal with Apple put her back in the mix as a performer and brought her an estimated $10 million this year, with a much larger payout coming later in the deal. 

According to news portqls, the rest of her earnings are mostly made up of profits from television network OWN, she also  owns a 25% stake in payments from WW WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and her deal with Hearst to produce O, The Oprah Magazine. Winfrey has a net worth of $2.6 billion.


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